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Explore and Enjoy 10 Free Ventures with Your Kids in Dubai

12 November 2013 | Dubai

Wallet friendly ventures in Dubai will help you and your kids enjoy the city’s many delights with free entry:

1. Splash around at Dubai Marina Walk

Dubai Marina Walk is fun. You can splash through the fountains located near Spinneys and Starbucks. Enjoy spectacular views of yachts and palm trees. Packing an extra set of dry clothes is a must as you allow the tikes to get wet, while running through the fountains.

2. Safa Park Walk

Take the children to Safa Park and burn their naughty excess energy. It has a specially designed running circuit at the outer edge. This will make the kids excited. After a couple of laps into the 3.5km track, they will joyously go to bed tired and run down.

Dubai park

3. The Animal Sanctuary

The sanctuary is home to hundreds of cute animals such as porcupines, cockatoos, cows, baboons, ducks, kinkajou, goats and rescued animals.  Kids have the ultimate opportunity to get to know the animals, as they feed, stroke and cuddle them. Visit www.poshpawsdubai.com  for details.


 4. Stroll around the Biggest Shopping Mall in the Middle East

Walk around the Dubai Mall to exercise and keep entertained for a few hours. Visit the aquarium offering a brilliant photo opportunity of fascinating sea creatures.

5. Chill out at JBR

At Jumeirah Beach Residence, expats from all over the world enjoy its surroundings including a beach and an array of shops and cafes. The entry is free,  but there are no toilets or showers. Plenty of cafes and restaurants are nearby. You must pack a towel, snacks and the sunscreen lotion too!

6. Watch the Dubai Fountains

Taking the kids for a dazzling display of action at the world’s largest dancing fountain will amaze them as mesmerizing water shoots up to heights of 500ft as it dances to a mix of rhythmic beats. It is free. See https://www.thedubaimall.com for details.

Dubai Fountains

7. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

At Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary you can discover hundreds of magnificent birds, including pink flamingos. The entry to Ras Al Khor’s flamingo hide is free. Visit www.wildlife.ae

8. Light and Sound Show at Wafi Mall

The Egyptian themed Wafi Mall offers a spectacular light and sound show every day. Watch the kids expressions when they see the pyramid shaped building coming to life with lights, accompanied by music to create a truly unique performance. See www.wafi.com

9. Explore Deira Gold Souk

Renowned all over the world, Deira Gold Souk is a fascinating experience. It offers amazing window shopping at the eye-catching gold, diamonds, rubies and more in all their glitter and shine.


10. Khan Murjan Souk

Khan Murjan provides an authentic souk experience in the comfort of an air conditioned setting. It is divided into sections that draw inspiration from different parts of the world. The attractive decor with stained glass window ceilings is a remembrance of various mosques in the Islamic world. See www.wafi.com for details.

You can enjoy a great family vacation in Dubai. For your stay in Dubai, choose a Budget hotel in Dubai which will balance your cost concerns without any compromise on luxury.

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