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Women Leadership Achievement Awards 2015

23 February 2015 | Awards

“14th Feb 2015 Acceptance speech”

Indeed it is a very humbling experience to be receiving this great accolade – a ” WORLD WOMEN LEADERSHIP ACHIEVEMENT AWARD”.

I am deeply honored and most grateful to WWLCA for considering me worthy for this very special recognition. Thank you WWLCA, Thank you Dr Bhatia & the Jury.

Like most leaders I did not wake up one morning and decide I wanted to be a leader; nor was I driven at any time to seek recognition or accolades for being a guide and role- model to my followers.


It is humbling to know that as a leader, standing in for what’s right and displaying courage to uphold my convictions, that I should be nominated. I thank my team who took time to complete the rigorous document.

I thank my colleagues, who as we worked towards our bottom line kept the backdrop alive – the lofty words of our Prophet “Life is not worth living unless lived for someone else” which has enabled through a united effort to raise funds to feed over 200,000 hungry children in the world. We are honored to be recognized partners with United Nations, World Food Programme in furthering their global mandate.

Surely there can be no accolades for bringing one’s essence in sync with one’s being, of upholding correct values and of having clarity of purpose?

I simply followed instincts and convictions to be a servant-leader learning from my mother, who taught me to become a ‘change – agent ‘, to help the less better off.

I simply learnt from the life of my brave grandmother, from the sacrifices she made as she put in the infrastructure for a orphanage for unfortunate girls in Gujarat, some 80 years ago as she worked towards making a difference at that time to civil society.

I simply took the encouragement from my husband as he walked by me in my journey, to get me where I am today.

I would be remiss if I did not publicly acknowledge and recognize their roles in my life.

It is only with their bearing did the NGO “Advent for Building human Capital (abc)” come to fruition operating in Pakistan, India & UAE, helping discerning individuals to a higher level so meaningful employment can be sought. I thank the founder colleagues who helped lay the foundations of abc,

 Whilst I accept this award, I pray that one day, in the words of the great Greek philosopher, ARISTOTLE, my ETHOS – “moral character for an ability to persuade” my PATHOS – “an ability to move people emotionally” and my LOGOS – “my ability to reason with my followers or colleagues for action” – are developed fully and are in total sync with my inner being and character.


Thank you

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