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How to Make an Elephant with a Towel? 10 Easy Steps!!

25 October 2013 | Art

Do you know how to create an elephant using towels? Most of you must have seen this welcoming you upon arrival at Holiday Inn – Al Barsha, Dubai hotel.

Want to make it yourself? Try it out following the given steps and surprise your kids and loved ones our way.

elephant towel folding instructions

Lower Body:
Step 1: Place a Bath towel on a flat surface.
Step 2: Fold it inside from both ends horizontally.
Step 3: Turn it from both vertical ends until they are rolled in together.
Step 4: Bend the rolled towel into half so it is able to stand.

Upper Body:
Step 5: Take another towel and mark the center.
Step 6: Fold the second towel starting from both ends to the center.
Step 7: Fold it completely until the ends are rolled in together.
Step 8: Turn it around; you will see a cone shape with two ears coming out of it.
Step 9: Fold the top of the cone gently to make the ears more prominent.
Step 10: Place the upper body on the lower body; make eyes out of a piece of fabric or paper


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